Halal hotels- a recreation and tourism in harmony with Islam
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Halal hotels are different in that they do not serve alcoholic drinks, all food is certified "Halal", have rooms for prayer and the entire interior is made in compliance with the norms of Islam. On this page you will find all Halal hotels of UAE and Turkey and will be able to book them.
What is the difference of Halal hotel from the usual hotel
Food & Drink
The Hala hotels do not serve alcoholic drinks and all the food supplied to hotels is certified "Halal"
Dress code
Women can safely sunbathe and swim on the beaches of the swimming pools separate, visit hammam and spa. For mixed bathing is used the Muslim dress code.
Place for Prayer
There is a mosque in all Halal hotels and in the room - the Holy Quran rug for prayer and an indication of the direction of the Kaaba.
Family zone
Halal hotels are also called "family" as the great attention to the arrangement area of entertainment for children.
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