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More and more countries offer vacations, halal compliant, while the number of companies offering halal holiday is incredibly small. We strive to make the journey useful, instructive and informative. This is the main difference of our travels. Halal standard vacation today attracts not only the Muslims. High utility, ethics and informativity of halal travels attract also representatives of other religions. Good journey should bring maximum benefit to man. Bringing joy and peace in the heart. Satisfaction and contentment. Charter trips in Qazaq travel is different in that we are trying to convey to people the truth about the places of leisure, cultural and historical monuments, and places of worship. The unique trade advantage with travel of Qazaq Travel - is not only halal standard compliance, but also highly informative trip, the transfer of reliable knowledge about the places of stay. These trips will leave a lasting impression, expand horizons and will remain a long memory.

Наши услуги>
Мы компания, специализирующаяся на паломничестве и халал отдыхе, но при этом учитывающая индивидуальные потребности каждого отдыхающего.
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Возрождение и развитие исламской культуры через продвижение халал туризма и оказания услуг паломничества для каждого мусульманина.
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Укрепление позиции лидера на рынке паломничества и халал туризма за счет предоставления гарантированно высокого качества обслуживания на всех этапах тура.

The new trend, which is part of the company's halal tourism, promotes the idea of meeting the needs of Muslims in the travel and leisure in other countries in addition to the obligatory tour for them: the Hajj in Saudi Arabia. Experts believe that halal tourism will grow faster than average growing international tourism - 4.79% vs. 3.8% at least until 2020, and these figures do not include the pilgrimage to Mecca, Hajj or Umrah. Ministry of Tourism, travel agencies, hotels, resorts and airlines of different countries now neatly overtures this market in order to offer the best services and products in accordance with the halal standard or permissible by Islamic law.