The Baikonur cosmodrome
Tours in Kazakhstan

The Baikonur cosmodrome is located in the south of Kazakhstan (Kyzylorda region, 240 km from the regional center).

The agreement between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan was leased to Russia until 2050.

About 70,000 people live in the city of Baikonur. Russian is the official language in governmentorganization and institutions. The Kazakh language is equal.

On the territory of Baikonur, officially accepted for payment are the currencies of two states: rubles and tenge.


You can see the unique stages of the technology of space production:

• assembly of a spaceship and carrier rockets of various classes;

• stages of preparation for launch;

• launch of the spacecraft

look at the grandiose constructions of the space industry are unique in their functions:

• launching complexes and assembly and testing buildings


Visit two museums, where unique exhibits of domestic and foreign space technology are concentrated, study the historical monuments of the city and the cosmodrome, take part in city holidays, get acquainted with the history, traditions of the Kazakh people, to take part in national ceremonies, see the unique nature of Central Asia

Tour price per person: individually (by request)

The price include:

• transfers;


• meals (full board);

• visiting museums and excursions according to the program; -Conciliation and admission to the Baikonur cosmodrome;

• guide-interpreter services;

• Accompanying services;

Additional paid:

• registration of permission for amateur film, video, photography at the sites of the cosmodrome;

Registration of permits:

for foreign citizens for 55 days and 45 days for citizens of Russia, the Republic of Kz and the near abroad to the proposed tour, an application is made out, which should contain the following information about tourists:

• full name (for foreigners in Russian and Latin transcriptions);

• date of birth (day, month, year), place of birth;

• citizenship;

• series, number and validity of the passport, the issuing authority of the passport;

• place of work, position;

• visa, place of obtaining a visa, registration (for foreign citizens)

Attention!!! Applications from citizens of the Russian Federation and the Kazakhstanare accepted 30 days before the visit, from foreigners - for 45 days.

 Attention!!!Due to the fact that the Baikonur complex is a regime facility, tourists visit the cosmodrome and the city of Baikonur specified special conditions.

 Attention!!! The schedule of launches of launch vehicles is adjusted during the year. Programs are not tied to specific launches.

Visas !!! If the transfer is through Russia - citizens of foreign countries need a double Russian visa; if through Kazakhstan, then a single-entry Kazakhstan visa is enough.